Elizabeth Faircloth

Founder, InvestHer community & the DeRosa Group

"Melissa Johnson is one of the smartest and talented entrepreneurs I have ever worked with.  Her creative and out of the box approach is refreshing. She has been incredibly helpful as we have worked strategically on my business and marketing strategy! Melissa is the best!"

Starr Munoz

CEO, Munoz Home Solutions

"I met Melissa right in time, as I was growing frustrated with my business and not feeling like I knew the best steps to take. The coaching and advice she provided was easy for me to understand and apply to help me achieve results in my business!"

Hillary Romero

Founder, Hilco Homes

"Whenever I have the pleasure of speaking with Melissa I always feel rejuvenated at the end of our time together. She has coached me not only in business in regards to real estate but also in my personal life. She has a unique perspective that allows me to think of things in a different light and I am beyond blessed to have gotten to know this beautiful soul!"

Tanya Rooney

BAFS Real Estate

"Melissa’s coaching program is great. She takes the time to dig into the business owner you are, then devises a tailored plan for you. She points out the things you are stuck on and then talks through them in a way that has been effective for me. I KNOW I need to be working ON my business and I do know what that looks like but, I haven’t been able to really do any of it. She has made me realize the importance of it and a good way to start implementation."

Glenn Williams

K&G Investments, LLC

"I've known Melissa Johnson for several years, but just recently sought her assistance with a new business venture that I am starting.  She spent a couple of hours with me on the phone and provided pages of notes of additional things for me to consider before really getting things started.  The depth and breadth of knowledge that she displayed during our talk and subsequent documentation was impressive.  Because of her decades in business she already knew answers to questions that I didn't even yet know that I should ask.  If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity I would highly recommend her.  The guidance she can provide is invaluable for someone starting or growing their business or investing career."

Denise Porter

Dacovee Homes

"Melissa is an awesome mentor!! She’s someone you want on your team if you’re starting a business and need a detailed plan. Having a clear vision and laying a strong foundation for my business has been key to the progress I’ve made. Melissa has answered all my questions, provided invaluable resources, and shared what has made her successful. If you’re starting or growing a business and want to accelerate the process, I highly recommend her services and expertise."

Nicole and Adam Dechow

Founders, Deco Home Buyers

"Melissa has been a great mentor and coach. She took the time to understand what our business goals were, and tailor a road map for us specifically. My husband and I now have much better direction and focus for how we will accomplish our goals. Melissa cares about her clients and their success. We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Melissa!"


Patti Britt Campbell

Founder, Midlife Renovations

Trying to launch two new businesses as an investor and life coach, I knew I needed help and was thrilled to be able to work with Melissa. She is both an experienced expert and an intuitive guide.  Her approach is thorough and insightful from high-level strategic planning to the nitty-gritty details.  She inspires me with her own impressive results and encourages me through the fundamentals. I absolutely love working with Melissa - she is authentic, caring, and a bad-ass entrepreneur!